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My absentee-ism June 16, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — bowet000 @ 9:10 am

I have been long absent from livejournal, which is my alternate blog.  Not because I have anything against livejournal – in fact I kinda like it’s simplicity over this one, which it’s taking me a while to figure out.  The feature I do like here is that I can write something and save it as a draft and finish up later.

Well on to being absent.  The update is such:  Shane and I were having a tough time on the long distance thing and knew something had to change in order for us to make it through, so we decided for him to come here, which he did at the beginning of April.  He was living here for 2 months, but unfortunately, at the beginning of June he had to return to South Africa for his brother’s surgery.  He is also looking into starting up either a. his own company, which he’s been wanting to do for ages or b. getting a gig with some film dudes he knows.  He has been home for two weeks and neither has come to fruition yet, but his brother’s surgery is in a few days.  Hopefully things will sort themselves out in the coming two weeks, on all fronts.


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