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The funniest things I saw today in Taipei June 16, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — bowet000 @ 8:57 am
I so wished I had had my camera today, because as per usual, I saw some awsome sights while zipping around Taipei today.  The first was a man, who seemed quite athletic, had big muscles, and a great tan, riding a rather beater mountain, in GIANT RED SPANDEX UNDERPANTS!!! Yes, and to top off this costume, he was wearing a big white leather belt!!! This is the kind of attire I would expect to see for pride parade in Vancouver, but pride parade or not, I have NEVER in my time in Taipei decked out in the lack of clothing that this man was wearing!
Second was the classic – I’m a business man caught in the rain.  It started raining this afternoon, quite heavily and clearly this man didn’t have any flip flops with him, nor rain gear, so he was essentially wearing a large, longish, yellow garbage bag (the 10NT 7-11 raincoat), had his pants rolled up to his thighs and had completely taken off his shoes, so was driving around the city on his scooter, barefoot!!!!

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