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Trying to affect change to help those polar bears September 22, 2009

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Recently I watched on BBC Planet Earth as a polar bear, who had swum 60 miles out to sea, look for food, due to early ice break up in the arctic.  This male polar bear was starving in the middle of the summer, because he was unable to meet his caloric needs with the food he caught, because he had to swim so far to catch it.  In the end, instead of drowning, he found a small island covered in walruses.  Initially you think, “ok, now he’ll get to eat a walrus”, but such was not the case.  Instead he, in desperation, attacked the walruses, which weigh up to a ton and have huge tusks, and are not a food polar bears would normally attempt to eat.  In the end, he was stabbed by the tusks, unable to kill a walrus and died on that island.

Watching this made me cry.  This is something WE are doing to them.  It’s not nature.  It’s not, “life in the wild is hard”. We are killing them, via starvation.  Not even being humane enough to just shoot them.

Think about these bears on the ice above.  They may never be able to leave that ice, and will die of starvation, or, they will make a swim for it, and if they cannot find land will probably drown. It’s heartbreaking that we are doing this to our Earth.

I know everyone feels like they can’t do anything, or they’ve been conditioned to think this way.  But wouldn’t you rather try to help and fail, than just sit idly by and watch everything come crumbling down?

The non profit organization Avaaz.org works hard for a number of  different social programs, but they are currently lobbying the American government for Climate Change policy to be implemented in Copenhagen in December.  This is a following up to the Kyoto Protocol and Canada should be pushed to be responsible too.  In case you didn’t know Stephen Harper, at the Bali 2007 G8 meeting, backed Canada out of the goals that were stated in the Kyoto Accord, because he was too afraid of trying to meet targets.  Surprisingly, Bloc Quebec Party Leader, stated what a fucking idiot Harper was for doing this.  Now, we wonder why Quebec votes bloc?  I would rather vote for them, than Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.  At least they might give a shit about the land we’re going to live on, or the food we’ll have or where our clean drinking water will come from.

Check out www.avaaz.org ‘s website to see their latest campaign.  I know I’m in Taiwan right now, but I’ll be calling the minister of enviroment and our Prime Minister tomorrow morning in an effort to make myself heard.


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