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Green Links III September 25, 2009

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1.Something that is currently under discussion for action on development – a SMART GRID.  This grid will allow electrical companies to be integrated with one another. Not only that, but you will be able to regulate your household appliance through the use of smart box (a tiny comptuer) linked to computer chips in your appliances. This will allow you to turn off your house when you are not home, so your appliance are not sucking electricity, as well as setting your appliance on timers, so they only use electricity in off peak hours.

In doing this, electrical companies will be able to tell you what types of electricity they are providing you with, and theoretically you would be able to choose environmentally friendlier options.  Further, using electricity in off peak hours, would enable electrical companies to produce sufficient electricity to cover all usage, which would mean they didn’t need to build additional power stations.

Here is the US Department of Energy’s information on the US policy for the new Smart Grid:


2. If the US military is doing it, why aren’t we?

The below article is from 2 years ago in the Iraqi desert, where temperatures soar over 45C and airconditioners are a necessity. Air conditioning a tent can be a challenge… as only these military men know.  But my question is – if the US military realizes the usefulness and necessity of alternative sources of energy hopefully the American government will get on this too?



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