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Standing on a Soap Box September 27, 2009

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soap box

soap box

As anyone who reads this blog is aware, recently I have become re-acquainted with concern for the environment and climate change.  I feel that this a  good thing, but at the same time, it’s quite difficult to know the things I’ve come to understand and not really be able to say anything about it without coming across like a soap box preaching lunatic. Especially because a lot of what I’m interested in, researching and spending my time on lately is related to this topic.  Therefore when anyone asks me “so what you been up to?” how should I respond? “Oh, nothing much?”
Mag mentioned today that no one wants to listen to someone preach from their soap box, and I totally agree.  I don’t enjoy listening to soap box preaching either, but then arises the question of – how do you make yourself heard without standing on a soap box?  How do you convince people to listen, as we all know that the soap box is ineffective.

I think it’s a very difficult line to walk.  I imagine everyone has to find their own way to be effective and meaningful in the topic they feel strongly about, but I’m just starting out in baby steps here, so I appologize if the “soap-boxing” gets out of control.


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