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Activism in Taiwan October 11, 2009

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350ppm of CO2 is whats considered safe. We are at 390ppm currently and rising fast.

350ppm of CO2 is what's considered "safe". We are at 390ppm currently and rising fast.

I have been thinking a lot how I can help in Taiwan make any difference with regards to the environment.  I sent my letters to the mayor, and I have stopped using our dryer.  But, because I don’t speak or read Chinese, I have been wondering recently if there are any NGO groups that organize activities to promote awareness or have rallies.

As it turns out, the answer to this questions is YES.

There is a non-profit group called 350 that is having a rally on Oct 24, 2009 at 4pm to promt the government into curbing carbon emissions, and to send to Copenhagen for the coming climate change summit.

The significance of the name 350 is that this is the amount of CO2 that can be in our atmosphere that is considered by scientists to be “safe”, where warming and the climate are not in crisis.  Currently we are at 390ppm and it’s rising quickly.   Please join me on Oct 24, perhaps for those of you coming to Bishop’s birthday we can do this beforehand, to march from XinYi District A8 Mitsukoshi building.



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