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350.org October 24, 2009

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Today is the International Day of Climate Action and it makes me smile that 350.org ‘s website is so overwhelmed with traffic that their servers are failing. I know I will be participating in this event here in Taipei and it may be small, but I hope many others will also participate in their respective cities.  There are more than 5000 events planned in over 180 countries!

One friend mentioned she would do it if she were in Taipei, but in Chicago alone (where she lives) there are 10 events.  I hope Carla attends something in her hometown.

350 is piggy-backing on the movie “Age of Stupid” that aired last month, to generate support for binding climate change government policies at the coming Copenhagen Summit in Dec.

I hope the millions of people that take action today will really show governments that people are ready for their governments to step up and take responsibility for protecting the land we live on.  If not, our biggest concerns in the future will not be the “state of the economy”!


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