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350 Turnout October 29, 2009

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P-091024-89087-006.jpegSo last Saturday, I went to the 350.org rally and there was a really good turnout.  About 200 people were there as  well as a bunch of news crews.  I am in the bottom right of the 5, wearing a green hoodie.

350.org put together a short video of all the people worldwide who participated in this event and our group was at 0.34 seconds in the video.  It wasn’t me, but those were the people I was with.



As it turned out, strangely enough, my next door neighbour is one of the leading organizers of 350.org in Taipei.  I always say good morning to him, but have never really talked.  Guess the next time I see him, I will have something to say.


350 MongoliaI have to admit that seeing all the photos worldwide and seeing the turnout in Taipei has almost made me cry a number of times.  It’s so amazing and wonderful to me that people in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia (the picture on the left) know what is going on and CARE!!!


350.org had over 20,000 photos contributed to their website, but check out their 3min video to see the vast variety of people who showed up to show that they are willing to change to protect our environment and want their governments to make plans to enforce it for everyone.



2 Responses to “350 Turnout”

  1. Magdalicious Says:

    That’s pretty cool 🙂

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