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My revulsion towards the Canadian Government December 11, 2009

Go Canada!!!Currently climate change negotiations are going on in Copenhagen to establish a new binding agreement in order to replace The Kyoto Protocol, and in order to address climate change.  I’m very proud to say, as a Canadian, that the other day Canada received the Fossil of the Day award at Copenhagen.  This is awarded to the countries that are doing the LEAST to further a binding accord.

How can the Canadian government stand there and say “we don’t care about doing anything to change Canada’s consumption or CO2 production because it might affect our economy” when climate change has already demolished millions of acres of Western Canadian forests due to pine beetle population explosions.  Pine beetles were never an issue 15 years ago, because the weather was cold enough in the winter time to kill them off.

Futher consider that there has been a statement made by leading scientists that the reason the sockeye salmon fishery has collapsed is in major part due to warming temperatures.  Not something we didn’t already know!!!

It is so upsetting that our leadership of today cannot see beyond their own noses to implement protocols that are going to preserve our planet.  If  stopping climate change meant to said leaders that they would be preserving the lives, health, well-being of their own children, do you think they would understand what is at stake?  Instead they only view the potential of not getting re-elected.  Really? Is the well being of your child worth sacrificing so you can keep a job?

I know that most of our leaders today, won’t really see climate change affect their lives.  That’s mainly because they are archaic fools, who will likely die in the next 10-20 years.  BUT, I AM ONLY 30!!! I sure as heck don’t want my retirement plan to mean: “trying to find food and clean drinking water”.   Because trust me, at 60 or 70 years old, that’s gonna be a tough gig!!  I laugh when I think of people back home, who are all worried about their 401K or their RRSPs, because that’s what the government has told you to worry about.  Yes, save, save, save, little worker bees.  They when you’re old enough to use that money to go on all those vacations you wanted to take, well, Spain and many places in Europe might be submerged under 8 ft of water and it’s likely that it’s gonna be tough, if not exorbitant to buy drinking water or food.  But hey, at least you’ll be 70…. almost time to bite the bullet anyway.  However, I worry about the kids of today.  If nothing is done, they are going to get a raw deal.

I’m sure if you’ve read to this point, you probably think I’m a raving nutter now.  You’re sitting there thinking, “how can you buy into all this crap drama about the environment? Scientist have been all doom and gloom for the last 20 years”.  Yes, they have been, unfortunately no one listened and now it’s crunch time.  We have 5-8 years to change the way we live, or global temperatures will go beyond 2C increased warming and then things like Hurricane Katrina will be the norm.  There are NOW countries that are sinking into the ocean, due to rising sea levels and predictions indicate that California’s sea ports will no longer be usable in 15-20 years due to rising water levels.    If we’re looking for an adventure ride, it seems we’re sure gonna get one.


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