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12/12 Day of Climate Action December 16, 2009

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Last weekend there was yet another worldwide day of climate action.  As before, on October 24, this day of climate action centered around supporting a fair, binding agreement at the Copenhagen conference to curb CO2 production.

350.org has been playing a big role in lobbying policy makers at this meeting, and has been one of the driving forces behind these international Climate action days.  They have joined forces with Maldivian present, Mohamed Nasheed, in order to put forth information and pressure to keep CO2 levels below 350ppm and prevent not only the Maldives but many other countries from being submerged under ocean water as the polar ice caps melt.

I hope they continue their wonderful work and I am incredibly impressed that at least one government cares about the environmental state of our planet.   It’s so ridiculous how so many other governments are simply ignoring the issue, clearly thinking ‘yeah, but we’re not an island nation, it won’t affect us’, or just not thinking all, or ‘ well if I bow to this issue, then I won’t get my big pay cheque from big oil”.  It’s wonderful to see someone who isn’t bowing to corporate bullshit when dealing with the future of the people and nation that elected them.

http://www.350.org/vigil-vid Check out the link.  It’s a short clip of what went on Dec 12, to support strong action in Copenhagen.


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