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The Hoax of Climate Change January 17, 2010

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Since I have made it well known to people that I’m quite interested in the topic of climate change and how to take care of the earth/environment, some people have sent my way movies or youtube links that act to discredit the “myth” of climate change.

While I feel that everyone should make their own decisions, and should carefully weigh the data provided before doing so, the idea that climate change is a hoax  is simply preposterous.  I have watched some of the movies that say they “debunk” climate change.  Some of these series or movies actually go so far as to manage not to be cheap rip offs of Zeigeist.  However, the main question I think everyone should ask themself when it comes to climate change is WHO STANDS TO GAIN THE MOST if climate change is “not real”?

First lets break it down into terms everyone can understand:

1. Who has money?  Corporations or Non-Profit Organizations?

2. Who has a vested interest in seeing climate change not be real?

3. Who controls the vast majority of government interest in the United States? (hint hint – it’s probably the people with the money)

4. Who most wants the status quo to remain the same?

5. Who will do whatever it takes to make this happen?

6.  If you still haven’t figured out the answer, maybe you should ask yourself and the George W. Bush administration where ARE the weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly in Iraq?  Why DID the USA go into Iraq? It couldn’t possibly have been because of OIL, now could it?  Of course, it was because of the weapons that they never found.   Who stood to gain what from this situation?

I have watched some of these asinine “debunk climate change” programs and have to say, I’m not convinced.

One scientist argued “well, climate and weather has always been changing.  We can’t know that what we are doing right now to our environment is what is causing the change”.  While what he says is true, can we really afford to be wrong?  Look, for example, to the dinosaurs.  They were in no way responsible for their climate change, yet it happened, and it killed them all.  Is this what we want to do to ourselves?

If you went to a doctor and he told you that you had cancer caused by smoking, and after visiting 20 other doctors for further medical opinions, you came up with 18 doctors telling you that you had cancer, and 2 doctors who were paid by SMOKING COMPANIES saying that you did not have cancer, who would you believe?

This is the exact same thing that is happening with the “hoax of climate change”.  Scientists, who are paid by coal, oil and car companies (who don’t want to limit their CO2 production) make movies in which they tell you that climate change isn’t real.

The flip side is that there are non-profit organizations, many of whom work for free or make very very little, and scientists who make a living on government grants, who are telling that climate change is real, so that they can achieve what exactly?

a. That they can beg the government for a little more money so they can try to broadcast their message to the ignorant masses?

b.  They are all communists, so they are secretly trying to undermine corporate stability and bring down the government?

c. They have nothing better to do with their time and therefore waste it working for free?

d. all of the above?

WHAT EXACTLY do the people who are saying that climate change is real HAVE TO GAIN?????  Absolutely NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!!

So, no matter what the asinine argument put forward, shouldn’t one question the motives behind the people who are telling you “the truth”.  It seems to me, that in our society, the ones who have the most to gain or LOSE are the ones who are going to do whatever necessary in order to sow confusion and doubt.  Whether there is accurate data supporting their theories is irrelevant.


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