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Permaculture April 25, 2010

Recently, I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate.  Everyone I mention that to, says “what’s Permaculture?”.  Well to answer their question, it’s a design strategy used to conserve resources intelligently so we can maintain habitat for human sustenance, and in so doing ensure conservation of wild lands for the earth and animals that also reside here.

I love the concept of Permaculture, because it gives you the tools to make a difference, and not feel helpless, and all the while you are able to sustain yourself, and potentially many others around you.

I watched this presentation, from TED, the other day where a man was trying to save Orangutan habitat and took a piece of completely devastated land, and not only created habitat for Orangutans, but also food for people and his system now supports 1000s of local people.  It used to be that the people living in this area were the poorest in Indonesia, but with this system, they now have food, clean drinking water, and jobs, their land is regaining health, and there is now habitat for the Orangutans.  If this isn’t a perfect description of how things can be, then nothing is.

Here is the video: Willie Smit’s 20 Year Tale of Hope


One Response to “Permaculture”

  1. Magdalicious Says:

    I like Ted Talks, I watched the video it was really good 🙂

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