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Connectedness and our Social Participation Today November 28, 2010

I watched a Ted Talks presentation on youtube today, and was blown away by how true it seemed.  It’s incredibly interesting to me to see the motivating factors for people in todays societies, and what the results are of these motivators.

In the presentation, Brene Brown discusses her research into connections between people.  Connections are the reason that we are all here and what makes life meaningful.  Her question was “why is it more difficult for some people to achieve this connection than others?”, and “what personal qualities are necessary for connection?”.  I found her explanation of these ideas extremely insightful.

After watching these two videos it made me curious why this has only become a crisis in the last 40 years.  I have my own theories, but am interested what others might think on this topic? After watching these movies, why would you think that the perception of  ‘meaning of life’, connectedness and vulnerability have changed so dramatically? Do you think these perceptions play a role in our opinions regarding the environment, being socially active or politics today?



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