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Green School December 9, 2010

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My friend (whom some of you know) Lars, recently posted this as a place he would like to teach.  I watched this presentation on TED and was so moved that it made me cry.  This is why I loved living in Asia – because you can make your dreams come true.  The Green School is what I envision for the future of schooling, and what I would love to teach as a teacher!  Although, now that I’m curious how to pursue something like this in Canada, I can’t possibly imagine how difficult it would be to set up a school like this here.

Initially, I thought about returning to Taiwan after completing my teaching degree, but if this is even possibly an option, I will likely consider going here instead.  It seems that they are just this year starting grade 10 sciences, which means that in a year or two, maybe they will have positions available for a high school science teacher with an incredibly interest in permaculture practices!

And it has made me re-think my plans for the summer.  Maybe instead of going to France to study French, I could stay here, study French and help out at the sustainable farm in the Cowichan Valley.  Will consider this more in the coming months.  I am so grateful to my friend Lars for showing this to me!



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